In 2015 alone, ECS The Greener Side managed to save 824,160 litres of oil by recycling and remanufacturing returned toner cartridges via their dedicated recycling scheme.  In a direct response to the new scope outlined by the WEEE Directive, ECS The Greener Side can provide their Partners with a sustainable end of life solution for all printer and copier consumables.

I am sure that increasing your organisation's green credentials is on the top of your list?

Look at what one of our recycling Partner’s have to say about the scheme –

“We were looking to avoid the “6 different bins” syndrome that causes friction in the treatment of waste recycling. Each manufacturer had different or sometimes non-existent recycling schemes. Our goal was to have one simple solution that deals with all cartridges for a customer, regardless of the machine they come from, and, most importantly, costs the customer nothing to implement.”

All empty cartridges can be put into the bin, including waste toner bottles, parts and all packaging. Once full, the customers call their own dedicated hotline number in order for the bin to be collected and a new one is delivered the very next day. The cartridges in the bins are then processed for recycling under ECS The Greener Side’s firm guarantee that zero toner cartridges are sent to landfill."

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for a hassle free way of recycling your toner and ink cartridges and instantly improve your green credentials.  We also accept all redundant office IT equipment, including printers, copiers, laptops and mobile phones.  For more information call 01427 700 700.

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