New ways to discuss how to extend the life of resource-hungry products have in fact been discussed at a Sino-UK summit which was co-organised by the University of Brighton. The event was the first of its kind and was aimed at fostering co-operation in remanufacturing between the UK and China. Parties that attended included representatives of the UK's innovation agency; Innovate UK, the British embassy in China, the Welsh Government and China's ministry for information and industry technology. 

Dr Yan Wang, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton said "remanufacturing adds value to waste streams by returning items to working order rather than reducing them to their raw material value only."

Remanufacturing is such an important element of the circular economy that the world is so desperately trying to achieve. Remanufacturing is developing rapidly around the globe, with a lot of countries finding it to be their answer to both financial issues and a lack of available raw materials. 

While the UK is seen as a leader in remanufacturing, China has potentially the largest market for remanufactured products. Therefore, exchanging notes with China could potentially provide both countries a huge potential for innovation in manufacturing and remanufacturing and aids the success of a circular economy.

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