A recent research and innovation report published by the European Commission, which examined the global remanufacturing landscape has explained that Europe lacks clear remanufacturing vision and strategy, unlike the US and China (in terms of how much remanufacturing COULD be done Vs. how much is actually being done). As a country, the UK are clearly falling behind and therefore missing out on a huge opportunity to create more jobs and reduce our impact on the environment.

The main sectors in which the UK are competitive within remanufacturing include; aerospace, automotive, heavy duty and off-road equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, machinery and medical equipment, furniture, rail and marine. The value of these remanufacturing industries across Europe is £30bn, £4.4bn of which is in the UK. Experts have suggested that the European and UK remanufacturing industries have the potential to triple this value by 2030.

The potential is large but there are some barriers preventing the UK in particular from increasing their remanufacturing output.

One of the major barriers is the perception of remanufactured products – particularly in our own industry. It’s often difficult to encourage customers into choosing remanufactured products and convincing them that a remanufactured product can in fact be just as good as its’ original version, however, our remanufactured toners offer the same quality, performance, reliability and yield as the OEM product.

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