It is no secret that a remanufactured toner will cost significantly less than an OEM toner usually around 30% - 60% less, which is a large benefit to any business allowing you to budget for the business future! However, a lower cost does not always mean a lower quality print from these toners, with ECS toners, the remanufactured toners give just as good quality prints as the OEM’s, in fact, we guarantee that all ECS remanufactured toners are guaranteed to match an original toner in quality, performance, reliability and yield. If not, you can have your money back, no questions asked.

It has been calculated that a single mono toner cartridge produces 4.8kg CO2, and this does not include the toner powder inside the cartridge. Using remanufactured toners supports us to stop the damage to our environment, as toners going into landfill are polluting the water and soil with the heavy metals they are made from and the volatile organic compounds and with each remanufactured toner purchased it is one less in landfill as it can take up to 1000 years for a cartridge to decompose in landfill.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer has even classified Carbon black toner as potentially carcinogenic. It isn’t just how a toner is disposed of that affects the environment around us. Making a toner cartridge takes on average 3 quarts of oil each time, yet remanufactured toners can save up to 12 quarts of oil, as we can remanufacture a toner cartridge several times - dependent on its quality.

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