Reports have suggested that UK businesses are having to spend heavily to 'greenify' their products. This study found that meeting consumer demands regarding the environment is one of the biggest challenges that modern businesses are facing (agreed by 55% of UK and French businesses). Interestingly, the study found that the greatest challenge that German companies are finding is to ensure that they achieve high quality (46%), with environmental sustainability (40%) coming in at a very close second place.

As a result, its likely that these businesses who have had to spend bigger to achieve a better environmental status will reflect this cost through their products, making them a more expensive option than previously. The advantage gained by remanufacturers is that their products already tick every environmental box. 

Packaging is also an important factor to consider for those companies who wish to cut down on their negative environmental impact, however, while 88% of UK businesses say that they have looked into recyclable packaging alternatives, only 36% have reported that they've successfully made a change. 

Almost half of the individuals in the UK survey suggested that greener materials within products would be an acceptable way of making businesses greener as a whole. Do you agree? What other ways could businesses become more environmentally friendly? Let us know your ideas and thoughts!