It has become known that some chinese companies have been using toner cartridges as a means of removing unwanted chemicals and substances from their country. Some cartridges which were sold from the country were sent to a laboratory in Germany for testing, and the results were not what was expected at all.

The majority of the cartridges were highly contaminated after having dangerous substances injection moulded into them. The substances found were highly flammable - five times more flammable than the material that you would expect to find inside a toner cartridge. There were high amounts of decabromodiphenyl, which is a flame retardant that is extremely difficult to get rid of, and is toxic to the environment. The substance is also very restrcited under ROHS and REACH in the European Union and is actually on a list of substances of extreme concern in Europe. 

In any case, you should always do your research on where your products come from and how they are produced. 

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