Remanufacturing creates and provides thousands of jobs across the world in every single country, and the UK is no different. While remanufacturing supports over 180,000 jobs in the United States, the potential job creation from remanufacturing and the circular economy in the UK is enormous. It’s true that the world is running out of natural resources, so the onus is on us to create jobs heavily focused around reusing resources and remanufacturing existing products into something new. In fact, the demand for the creation of these types of jobs is likely to be so high because there is a potential for over half a million remanufacturing jobs in the UK

With the sheer amount of jobs that are supported by remanufacturing, and the huge potential for more to be created, it’s likely that your daily life is somehow affected by a remanufacturing job – even if it isn’t your own job. In fact, if remanufacturing didn’t exist, you might not be in employment at all. Think about it; somebody working in a remanufacturing role somewhere in the world is affecting you. Remanufacturing means more jobs as we’ve already established, more jobs means more money invested into the UK economy, a better UK economy means better services for you, a better community, better roads, better health services – the list goes on. Remanufacturing affects you directly or indirectly in some kind of way. Remanufacturing also creates local jobs as remanufacturing activities usually take place close to market, so if there are any remanufacturing facilities near where you live, be thankful! That company provides jobs and therefore investment into your local area – your local area might not exist without remanufacturing!

As a remanufacturer ourselves, we provide jobs to local residents in an area where employment opportunities are hard to come by. We also calculated that our team of employees (who are all defined as working in the remanufacturing sector) spend over £200,000 per year within a one mile radius of our location, which means without our existence as a remanufacturer, our local area would have £200,000 less investment every single year.

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