The cartridges in question were HP counterfeits, made and packaged to look like HP OEM consumables, which were being sold on the local market and exported. All seven suspects admitted guilt of the crime. 

The deputy of the anti-economic crime department stated that counterfeits are a global trade market that are damaging legitimate businesses, as well as affecting the reputation of the brand whose product is the counterfeit is supposed to resemble.

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Despite half a million pounds sounding like a lot of money, it's just a drop in the ocean in reality, especially when we think of the billions of pounds worth of counterfeit toner cartridges that are available on the market today, and often very difficult to distinguish. 

We suggest only buying ECS remanufactured cartridges, made in the UK, and made to abide by all laws and standards, including the minimum standard of the toner cartrige industry - ISO9001. 

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