One factor that will likely change the influence of UK remanufacturing forever is the implication of brexit, which could make or break the UK remanufacturing industry. 

The remanufacturing industry in the UK is worth a whopping £5bn and is a key factor in our attempt to achieve a circular economy. With huge potential for further expansion, the ability to implement our own laws and sanctions as a result of brexit will allow the UK to implement policies which will encourage further growth within the industry.

Laura Owen, a manager from the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group suggests that "remanufacturing presents a huge financial opportunity for the UK" and points to the US as her evidence of the success that can be obtained by investing in the industry. 

Between 2009 and 2011 the value of US remanufactured production grew by 15% to 26bn which in turn supported 180,000 full-time jobs in over 70,000 remanufacturing firms. 

Almost all UK remanufacturing firms fall into the SME category, with over 99% of UK businesses being classed as SME's, the future of remanufacturing looks bright ahead of Brexit, providing that post-brexit legislation supports the industry.