Whether you’re unaware or don’t care at all, counterfeit toner cartridges pose a serious threat, impacting on the effectiveness and quality of the product, as well as any moral or legal implications. 

Counterfeit products are usually always below the standard and capability of the product that it is supposed to represent, which can cause long-term damaging effects on your machines and therefore your reputation.

How can you avoid counterfeits?

Performing regular checks on your suppliers can make the world of difference when it comes to avoiding counterfeit goods. https://www.premierline.co.uk/knowledge-centre/ensuring-the-products-you-manufacture-are-safe.html#

If your supplier is from outside of the UK, make sure that they provide you with products that comply with UK standards. For your toner cartridges, we also recommend only buying products from ISO certified distributors whose products also comply with REACH RoHS and COSHH.

Receiving a product that meets your demands requires two-way communication between you and your supplier. Explaining to your supplier what levels of quality you require can make the world of difference and prevent any issues further down the line if expectations are already laid out.

It may be common sense, but if your supplier sells you products at a fraction of the cost of what you expect to pay then the quality that they provide to you may also be lower than what you expect. Regular quality checks on products that you receive are also incredibly important to ensure that products don’t change over time.

A visual examination can also help you to identify whether your products that you receive fall under the counterfeit category. Certain clues can be found by simply looking at the products, particularly at different labels that should/should not be present.