In technical terms, EDI is specifically the system-to-system exchange of business documents in an electronic format between two business partners, ensuring that the exchange of any documentation is completely paperless, replacing the need for postal mail, fax or email.

But emails are electronic too? – True, however, emails must still be handled by employees, which opens opportunity for error and takes time, slowing down your processing and opportunity cost – your employee’s could be spending their time better working in other areas of your business.

Our Partners

A number of our Partners are already taking advantage of using our EDI software, integrating their systems with our own, making the processing of orders and exchange of Purchase orders, Advance Shipment Notices and Invoices completely efficient.

EDI is now at the forefront of our platforms in response to client demands to provide more efficient direct to client plain label deliveries.

If maximizing efficiency and minimising errors is on your to do list in 2021, Our ECS Partners can contact us on