ECS and Tinto Toners are proud to announce that we achieved the Investors in People standard accreditation.

On 23rd and 24th April, ECS was visited by an Investors in People assessor. The assessor spoke to a number of our team about their experience working at ECS. From these interviews, she concluded that ECS had met the core criteria for the Investors in People standard accreditation. We are all very proud about achieving this and cannot wait to go on to achieve further success.

Investors In People Award Logo


ECS was successful in achieving the Investors in People standard accreditation. The standard accreditation is seen as the bench mark for any well run business. ECS was successful in meeting the required 39 core requirements to achieve the prestigious accreditation. In the future, we hope go on to achieve the bronze accreditation and further accreditations with Investors in People. This is just the beginning.

ECS is now part of an exclusive group of UK employers that are eligible to use and display the sought after Investors in People logo and plaque. However, to ECS, this accreditation is more than just a logo and plaque. It is a sign of excellence and a sign of things to come. We hope to continue to improve the way in which ECS is managed using the Investors in People framework as guidance. This in turn will benefit our partners. We will also continue investing in our team as we want to help them to develop further skills and knowledge through training. By continuing to follow the Investors in People framework, we are sure that you will start, if you haven’t already, to feel the benefits of working with an Investors in People accredited business.

Investors in People was formed in 1991 by the UK Government. It offers businesses a management framework which helps them to improve their performance through effective management and development of its people. It provides guidance for businesses so they can improve performance by getting the best out of its people. The Investors in People accreditation is something recognised around the world as a sign of excellence. Over 15,000 organisations in 75 countries have proudly achieved this accreditation and ECS is now one of them.