The conference itself will be used to discuss and share ideas, new insights and fresh perspectives on the remanufacturing industry of today, including the discussion of some emerging trends and topics concerning sustainability and change.

ECS’s Director Chris Fink will be present at the conference to discuss single-use plastic and the challenges of change, including the most pressing matters when it comes to our planets sustainability and the options that are available to us heading into the future.

ECS’s recycling co-ordinator Lauren Rabbitte will also be in attendance with a presentation on ‘The Waste Hierarchy and why prevention is so important.’ Lauren’s discussion will also focus heavily on the circular economy, how it can be achieved, and why is it so important.

Regarding the conference, ECS’s CEO Felicity Rabbitte said “This year’s conference will be an unmissable event with some of the most in-demand speakers in the industry all coming together to produce a fantastic experience for all in attendance, as well as provide some invaluable knowledge.”

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