For those of you that don’t know, Gary Starkweather was the inventor of a piece of equipment that can be found in literally every office and home in the world; the laser printer. Starkweather built the first working laser printer in 1971 and by the 1990s your office would have been considered unique if it didn’t have a laser printer in it. Gary truly brought the power of the printing press to the world.

How did it all start?

Starkweather began as a junior engineer at Xerox in 1964 a few years after the photocopier had been introduced in American offices. This was where he began working on a project which would enable information to be transmitted between two copiers, enabling a person to scan a document in one place and then send a copy to someone in a different place. Gary found that this could be best done by using a laser due to its precision. The idea then struck him that instead of sending documents from one place to another, what if he could use the precision of a laser printer to print refined images directly from the user’s computer?

And the rest was history. Rest in peace Gary and thank you for your contributions to our industry.


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