The growing fears of the impact plastic has on the environment is a huge driving force for the regeneration of glass milk bottles. In the early 1990’s supermarkets took over the milk industry with cheap plastic cartons. Tonnes of these cartons still end up in landfill today. This caused milkmen to simply disappear. But now, it seems many are following the latest plastic free trend and making simple switches.

Not only is this a step towards reducing our plastic consumption, it’s also a step to help local milkmen get back in business. Ordering milk locally also guarantees that you know where your milk comes from, ensuring it’s a good quality and not watered down or impure like major manufacturers sell it. This is similar to the Effective Consumable Solutions toner guarantee, as we promise our partners 100% pure and never watered down toner. We have the best quality products on the market and unbeatable customer service.

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 So why don’t you try trading in your plastic milk carton for a good old glass bottle of milk? Go on, give it a try.

 You can find out more information on glass milk bottles coming back into fashion here

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