Removing the need for workers in mundane jobs, such as bolting 1,000 tires a day, requires workers to be more skilled to obtain other jobs.

In addition to a more skilled work force, productivity improvements brought by automation often increase the economic value of the remaining tasks.

The thought of technology replacing the need for creative thinking, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and initiative is rather silly right now. The idea that humans can improve technology and provide a better world for all of us is not silly, however.

A common simple example that you might utilise within your own company without realising is a chatbot. Chatbots and message centres can be useful tools to increase sales and free up employees.

Business News Daily has more information on how automation in your business.

Remanufacturing requires highly skilled workers to carry out their roles and handle each product with care.

At ECS, we employ a highly skilled and trained work force, handling each product with personal care to ensure only the highest quality. Robots can’t do everything.

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