Unwiped IT equipment has been putting businesses in the GDPR firing line. A recent UK survey of over 1,002 workers suggests that ‘68% of those asked have failed to wipe data from any IT equipment that has been disposed of in the two months following GDPR.’

This may not come as a surprise to most though, as 70% of individuals admitted to having no process whereby data and information is removed from any IT equipment that is due to be recycled.

The most bizarre thing is that the majority of people in a company wouldn’t even know who to approach in order to correctly dispose of equipment. Funnily enough, businesses within sales and marketing were one of the guiltiest of failure to comply with this GDPR legislation – both industries where there is huge access to masses of customer details and information.

Is failure to comply really that much of an issue?

Unless you have money to throw away, yes. Besides the power to impose fines the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) have a range of powers and sanctions available to them in order to enforce gdpr, including warnings and reprimands, a temporary or permanent ban on data processing and the restriction or erasure of data. 

A fine can be anywhere up to €20 million or 4% of a company’s global annual turnover, usually whichever is higher – so we suggest making sure that you are FULLY compliant!

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