The Prince of Wales has warned that 'Plastic is on the menu' due to the increasing amount of plastic that is being found in our oceans. This is due to a combination of too much of the stuff being made and not enough being re-used. 

Eight million tonnes of plastic enter the sea every year, with the majority of plastic that we have produced since the 1950s also ending up in the ocean. 

In fact, the problem is becoing so bad that we are approaching the point where almost every piece of fish caught from our oceans will contain plastic particles. 

The Prince claims that it is now crucial for us to change the way that we operate heading into the future. We must create a circular economy which prioritizes the recovery, recycling and re-use of plastics instead of our current economic system which relies heavily on producing new plastics only to throw them away.


As a leading manufacturer, ECS are proud to be recognised as a company leading the industry towards a circular economy by flying the flag for all British remanufacturers. We take great care when it comes to plastic - our highly trained remanufacturers aim to re-use as much plastic as possible during the remanufacturing process while maintaining that all important quality. Sometimes as much as 70% of a cartridge can be re-used if handled correctly. Thousands of cartridges are remanufactured at our dedicated ISO sites every day as we look to prevent any further wrongdoings to our oceans. 

Remanufacturing is just one key component of our operations and it's just one step towards removing the plastic from our plates. 

As for the plastics that we can't re-use we have a dedicated ISO14001 recycling scheme - The Greener Side, which takes care of all these plastics by complying with the WEEE Directive regulations. Find out more about this on our Greener Side website 

If you have any further questions about ECS and its' remanufacturing process please don't hesitate to ask! Email me at

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