While it's true that our business exists because we make a living through remanufacturing and selling remanufactured products, there is much more to it than our own gain. In fact, you, the customer will benefit a lot more from a remanufactured product than you might think. 

Lower Prices - In General, a remanufactured product in any industry is likely to provide a huge saving to the customer. Typically, remanufactured products cost 30-60% less than an original product which provides you, the customer with a huge saving - lucky you. 

Availability - Remanufactured products usually have a shorter lead time than your originals, meaning that you can get what you want, when you want it - isn't that something that we all want? You'll often find that the origunal manufacturer will discontinue products at some stage in their lifetime, meaning that you can no longer buy it. Remanufactured products can still be produced years after the original is no longer available - so there's that as well!

Flexibility through purchasing - Remanufacturers like ourselves are usually interested in the final destination of their product and usually offer a service in addition to the initial sale of the product, such as a take-back scheme. We have our own take-back scheme in the form of our award winning recycling scheme - feel free to check it out

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