A huge part of why we remanufacture is for the environment. The world is under pressure to adopt a circular, rather than linear approach where we keep resources in circulation as long as possible rather than choosing to use more resources that the planet cannot afford to give - so what are some of the environmental benefits of remanufacturing?

The first is usually pretty obvious, and it's something that we've just mentioned - reduced eaw material consumption. By remanufacturing toner cartridges, we try to preserve as much of the original product as possible, which means we need less raw material to produce a finished product. This is a very valuable practice, specifically in our industry, as toner cartridges contain a lot of critical raw materials - especially crude oil (plastic).

Reduced energy consumption - by using less raw materials, the production of a remanufactured product uses less energy than producing a new product. 

Reduction in emissions - a reduction in emissions, particularly COis often the case for the remanufacturing process.

Reduction of materials sent to landfill - this is a big one for the toner industry especially, as the vast majority of toner cartridges that are bought are sent to landfill (around 85%). Not all products are suitable for recycling, but remanufacturing reduces the flow of materials that go to landfill by reusing them instead.

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