We asked our CEO, Felicity Rabbitte what her thoughts were and she said “The UK’s current economic climate is incredibly challenging, particularly for small and medium-sizes businesses, with a large number of UK businesses having no option other than to close their doors for good. Others have had to adapt, working with limited numbers of staff, less operating hours, or changing their products and services completely. With new data being released this week, the UK economy has shrunk by a record 9.9% during 2020, which shows the importance of changing buying habits right now, not necessarily just for toner, either.”

It’s true, the UK’s economy REALLY did shrink by 9.9% throughout 2020.

There’s never been a better time, or more reasons why you should be buying products made in the UK and supporting your own countries economy, rather somebody elses!

While there are hundreds of reasons why you should buy UK products, we’ve narrowed our selection down to three of the most vital. Employment, Quality and availability.



As obvious as it may seem, buying goods from the UK enhances the UK economy, therefore helping to keep workers within the UK to stay employed as well as further funding the UK government who can reinvest the extra money within the economy and their budget into local services such as the NHS and schools. When UK businesses do better, naturally, their employees are likely to earn more and then spend more of their earnings within the UK, and the cycle repeats.


Arguably the most important benefits of buying UK goods is the guaranteed quality that comes with each and every product. It’s known that British remanufacturers are among the best in the world and they will usually comply with recognised standards including ISO9001, which provides a guarantee of quality only given to those companies who demonstrate the highest level of quality – this is something which cannot be guaranteed when buying products from overseas. ECS have achieved ISO9001 certification as they consistently demonstrate the ability to provide products and services which exceed their customers’ demands. They’ve also won the remanufacturer of the year award for two year’s running, beating competition from around the world.


It’s important to note that there’s currently a severe lack of stock throughout Europe, not only due to disruption in China from Covid, but also new laws that have been implemented making it impossible for some stock from overseas to be listed on European markets. As a remanufacturer in the UK, we produce our entire remanufactured range of stock. We also hold stock on all major OEM product lines, ensuring that our Partners can always get the products they need

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