Firstly, removing the possibility of buying fake cartridges is a good place to start, as fake cartridges can have some nasty consequences on your machines, the final print quality, and therefore your reputation and relationships with your customers. Find out more about spotting fakes here.

Any cartridge that you buy should also have been tested prior to release and sale. At ECS all of our products and parts are passed through quality control and are approved of by our Technical Director, ensuring that they comply with mandatory and environmental legislation (REACH, COSHH, RoHS).

The toner, as well as the cartridge itself should also be tested. This is done through exposing the toner to different atmospheric conditions including room and machine operating temperatures to ensure that the toner is both functional and performs well under any given circumstance. Our own dedicated ISO 9001 remanufacturing plants based in the UK employ only the highest technically skilled engineers in the field, precision trained to produce the finest, most reliable quality remanufactured toner cartridges for all our customers. If your distributor doesn't regularly test their toner then you shouldn't have confidence in their products. 

When looking for high quality toner cartridges there are further standards that should be achieved during production, particularly for remanufactured toner cartridges. If your distributor's products don't meet these standards, then we recommend finding someone who can!

If you have any further questions regarding this blog or any of the testing and standards that we set for our products then please feel free to email me at

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