Breaking the Plastic Wave – a study carried out by SYSTEMIQ and The Pew Charitable Trusts has just been released. This study looks closely at ocean plastics and their impact, providing great inside and some shocking facts. The study shows that pollution is rapidly outpacing all efforts to stop it. At the worlds current rate, there will be double the current amount of plastic on the market by 2040 and the amount entering oceans will triple.

Three clear goals have been outlined by both organisations who created the study which we strongly agree with:

Eliminate plastics which aren’t necessary – particularly packaging and delivery methods to customers.

Design all plastics to be reusable – and DON’T use ones which aren’t.

Innovate in order to create business models which work towards a circular economy.

A complete circular economy has the ability to reduce the amount of plastics entering our oceans by 80%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and create 700,000 jobs – what’s not to like?

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