The WEEE Forum and other signatories are of the view that these requirements must be applied by all actors in handling, dealing with, and treating WEEE waste including standards which cover the collection, transport, re-use, and treatment of WEEE. 

Why the need for this paper?

First and foremost, the environment needs protection - as we all know. It’s only right that for ourselves and for future generations, any waste that we create; we must also dispose of correctly. It’s incredibly important for WEEE waste to be disposed of correctly, which includes toner cartridges as the majority of WEEE waste is made of plastic and is therefore incredibly harmful and toxic for our environment.

Secondly, to create a level playing field for all individuals and organisations who deal with, and treat WEEE waste. Currently the standards put most pressure on those who operate in the legally regulated market of waste, because these are the ones who are visible to the authorities and enforcers of said standards. Those who currently operate waste management practices outside of the legally regulated market are under zero pressure from any standards because their operations cannot be monitored. If these standards proposed by the paper aren’t adhered to by ALL actors and handlers of WEEE waste, the WEEE market will remain distorted and the protection of the environment is at risk of being compromised.

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