MRW state that this award recognises those organisations with an exceptional initiative that has embedded circular economy principles which design out waste but keep materials and products in use as well as regenerating natural systems. The award is also for those who have reduced waste for a positive environmental and business impact while being an inspiration for others. 

Being nominated for this award is exceptional news – it means that we’ve been recognised for our circular commitments over the last 12 months.

What is the circular economy and why is it so important to us?

The circular economy takes a different approach to the current ‘linear’ systems that many business models have in place at this moment in time, where products are bought, used and then disposed of – never to be used again. A circular economy looks at ways in which used products can continue their life cycle, either by being recycled and broken down into their original parts and materials where they can be reused again, or by taking the used product, remanufacturing it, and making it completely reusable again and again, avoiding products being sent to landfills (where they pollute and damage the environment) and avoiding new raw materials being required for brand new products.

How do we help our Industry?

Over a billion cartridges are sold around the world on a yearly basis, all of which are primarily made of plastic. Only 15% of these cartridges are remanufactured, with the remaining 85% ending up in landfill once their purpose is served. With the number of cartridges being bought each year rising and WEEE collection targets being missed, something has to be done. The Greener Side work tirelessly to combat the current linear ways in which our industry currently operates by offering one of the largest toner cartridge/WEEE waste recycling schemes in the UK.