Spanner In The Works

What's it all about?

'Spanner In The Works' is a monthly competition where all our clients have the opportunity to compete and instantly win one-off, specially selected prizes such as experience days at national race circuits, tickets to top UK attractions, or if it's an easy spanner to find: maybe just a jar of coffee!

Our mischievous folks in marketing and IT have placed one random feature, banner or image which is deliberately ridiculous on the website and wait for one of our eagle-eyed clients to notice what we've done. But mind out for a possible bogus product - the spanner could be anything. Be quick, the first correct answer received wins!

On the third Monday of every month (yes, every month) at 1pm the 'Spanner In The Works' will appear somewhere on this website. As soon as you notice it, submit your answer in the order details box on the checkout page when you submit your order.